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Restaurant Business: How House Bill 3572 Affects Liquor Taxes Paid by Dallas Restaurants

Amy Severson, co-owner of Sevy’s Grill is an accountant. Today she discusses some important legislation that will impact the Texas restaurant industry. The clancular conversation of restaurateurs at the recent D Magazine’s 100 Best Restaurants party was not only about numbers between one and one hundred. Quietly discussed was number 3572, as in House Bill […]

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Event Recap: A Community Cooks at Paul Quinn College Benefits WE Over Me Farm. Memorial Tree Planted in Honor of Chef Randall Copeland

The sun hangs low in the sky over WE Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College as a crowd of more than 400 filters onto the football-field-converted-garden-converted-five-star-restaurant. Warm, orange light illuminates the smiles of each guest as they take eager steps out onto the soft earth where the annual “A Community Cooks” event is held. […]

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My Five Cents: Restaurants, Beware of Food Writers Who Expect Freebies

Full disclosure: Last night I took my good friend Don Waddington to dinner. Don, who recently lost his wife, Polly, wanted to attend Sevy’s 100th wine dinner celebration. Sevy’s has been Don and Polly’s favorite restaurant since it opened. The Waddingtons traveled on both D Magazine chef cruises, which also included Jim Severson and his […]

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Mixed Beverage Tax Update: I Went to the TRA Tax Seminar So You Wouldn’t Have To

Sevy’s co-owner Amy Severson refers to herself as a numbers-chewing-pit bull-with lipstick. She is a brilliant accountant and she stays on top of all the legislation that affects the Texas restaurant business. On Monday, Amy attended a tax seminar hosted by the Texas Restaurant Association during the recent 2012 Southwest Foodservice Expo. Below you will […]

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Let’s Play: Three Degrees of Dean Fearing

Last night, Amy Severson couldn’t sleep. She turned on the light, grabbed a pen and paper, and started doodling. First, a few things to disclose. I talked to Dean Fearing’s about this endeavor because my memory isn’t what it used to be. Second, when you see “Sfuzzi,” it refers to the original, not the current […]

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Death, Taxes, and Senate Bill 1: Texas Legislative Restaurant Update

Sevy’s co-owner Amy Severson makes this claim: “A full-service, lunch-and-dinner- liquor-serving business generates more taxes per-square-foot than most industries.” Below she wonders why the Texas State Legislature continues to penalize small to mid-sized restaurant owners. Hear her roar. Imagine if you were sitting down for coffee with Uncle Sam, and the conversation started like this: […]

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