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Chef’s Club Dinner in Soho with John Tesar

Mention the name, “John Tesar” to anyone that has their finger on the “culinary pulse” in Dallas, and you will receive a wide variety of opinions ranging from endearing to downright unsuitable for print. Last week, I was invited to spend time with “The Eagle” himself (a presumably self-proclaimed sobriquet) at Food & Wine Magazine’s Chef’s Club in Manhattan’s trendy Soho neighborhood. Our discussion touched on several topics, including the significance of returning to his hometown of New York City, his numerous James Beard nominations (and Dallas’ continued plight regarding the same), and what life has been like since the Tweet read round the world.

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Pappas Bros. Steakhouse and Favia Team Up For a Wine Dinner

The Pappas have accommodated the gastronomic needs of Texans since they opened The Brisket House in Houston in 1967. Since then, the brothers have realized “the American dream” ten times over with their business-casual establishments including, but not limited to, Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen, Pappasito’s Cantina and Pappas Bar-B-Q.

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The Dallas 24 Hour Club’s ‘Under the Stars’ Dinner

The Dallas 24 Hour Club recently turned forty-five years young. For most, the locale goes unnoticed — a sleepy little property on the corner Ross and Grigsby. Just another neutral facade situated between downtown Dallas and lower Greenville. For others, The Dallas 24 Hour Club has played savior. A safe haven. A second chance at life.

In celebration, the non-profit hosted an “Under the Stars” dinner event last night to raise funds for their continued mission of providing a sense of home and support for individuals transitioning from a life of substance abuse to a more optimistic future.

Dinner included courses from local and national celebrity chefs including Tim Byres (Smoke; 2014 James Beard Award Winner), Stephen Pyles (Stephen Pyles, San Salvaje, Stampede 66), Matt McCallister (FT33; 2014 James Beard Award Semi-Finalist), Justin Box (Café Momentum), David Collier (Knife), Sean Fry (TK Culinary), Jason Martin (360), and Jason Skinner (3015 at Trinity Groves).

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CBD Provisions Salutes German Heritage with Weisswurst

German heritage remains strong in the state of Texas. And as a nod to said German ancestry, in addition to the subsequent blending of German and Texan cultures, Executive Chef Michael Sindoni of CBD Provisions fashioned the perfect jause consisting of a house-made pork Weisswurst, an authentic Bavarian mustard and traditional bite-sized pretzels. Such an effort would not be complete without bier, in this case a local Texan Saison.

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El Celler de Can Roca, World’s Best Restaurant 2013: World Tour Tasting Dinner in Dallas

Most sophisticated restaurants attempt to entice the palate by way of culinary precision and indelible artistry. Then there are those that demonstrate the full embodiment of a culture; a family, a multi-generational dedication to a craft who embrace external influences, but are primarily motivated by what is immediately available within one’s local community, further encouraged […]

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Wine Dinner Review: Robert Sinskey Vineyards at Gemma

Last Wednesday, I sat down for a one-on-one media dinner at with Maria Helm Sinskey, executive chef and co-owner of the famed Robert Sinskey Vineyards in Napa Valley. Named Food & Wine’s “Best New Chef 1996”, Maria is no secret in the culinary world. Her notable cookbooks, Family Meals and The Vineyard Kitchen, have been […]

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Restaurant Review: The Standard Pour in Dallas

Technically, The Standard Pour is located on the corner of McKinney & Allen but, if you live in Uptown Dallas, you might as well consider it Main & Main. Center of the Universe. With the closing of Sfuzzi Uptown, TSP has formally established dominance as the perennial powerhouse for all things haute-cocktails and gourmet fare.

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Jasper’s Revamps Classic Menu After 11 Years

One of the most recognizable, genuine and approachable celebrity chefs in all of Texas, Kent Rathbun, recently decided to revamp his legendary menu at Jasper’s into one that satisfies loyal patrons, but exemplifies maturation, much in the way the restaurant has since its debut over a decade ago.

While many items on the new menu pay homage to the familiar, each offering is one that will drive every classicist forward, into a place that carefully allows for experimentation while opening the mind and expanding the palate.

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Matt McCallister of FT33 is a Whisky Man

For months I’ve semi-religiously stalked Instagram photos posted by FT33’s executive chef Matt McCallister, confident that they represent the sincerest form of culinary artistry that I’ve witnessed in Dallas. The portfolio is filled with images depicting early morning forage expeditions for oyster mushrooms, gastronomic kitchen toys, butchered Berkshire hogs, and plated works of art. Now he’s won Food & Wine’s 2014 title as the Southwest Region’s best new chef, again.

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Savor Dallas: New Events We Hope to See Again Next Year

As part of Savor Dallas, Republic National Distributing hosted a panel wittingly titled “Stirring Up Innovation” that focused on the craft spirit movement. Sly Cosmopoulous (yes, it’s on her birth certificate) led the effort as we ventured through a number of unique cocktails, both old and new. My personal favorite was the Dear John, a blend of Garrision Brothers Bourbon, lemon juice, simply syrup, cardamom and elderflower tonic. Second place was the Eclipse Punch, consisting of the five required components of spirit (in this case, chamomile infused Mt. Gay rum), citrus, water, herb and sugar.

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Savor Dallas: For the Love of Wine

Savor Dallas celebrated its tenth birthday this past weekend, and did so in elegant fashion. As the brainchild of Jim White and and Vicki Briley-White, the gathering continues to be one of the most respected and cherished events for oenophiles, chefs, and food-enthusiasts alike.

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St. Paddy’s Day is Over, But the Memory of Cook Hall’s Irish Beer Dinner Lives On

The Emerald Isle isn’t historically known for its culinary prowess, but rather a land blessed with bounties of cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, all of which are traditionally prepared with minimal transformation. Before we move on, let’s address a couple of things for those that don’t know me personally: Yours truly is a proud ginger who happens to appreciate cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, and does not relish, nor require, unnecessary fiddling with quality ingredients! Okay. Now that we’re friends (and that you trust my judgment), I feel that I can assuredly state that I sincerely enjoyed the authentic Irish pairings offered at Cook Halls’ pre-Paddy’s Day beer dinner last Friday.

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