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Doritos Loaded Are the Next Generation of Snacking

There is a thing. Or things. They are called Doritos Loaded. Imagine a fried wedge of cheese, only the batter-crust is made of crushed Doritos. Then imagine putting them in your mouth. And know that as you chew them, you will hate yourself because they are essentially a plot point from Idiocracy and each one is 90 calories (6 grams of fat, 270 milligrams of sodium), which means that a serving of four will put 360 calories into your belly, with an accompanying 1,080 milligrams of sodium. And that’s a snack. When they come out with the meal version of the Doritos Loaded, presumably it will be 7,000 calories and offer enough salt to hang your dried carcass on a tree limb.

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Goodfriend Will Soon Open for Lunch, Offer New Menu

First, full disclosure. I live within walking distance of Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House. Accordingly, I have become acquainted with the bearded jokers who own the joint, Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling. I am in the tank for them and have written previously about how their bar/restaurant has changed my neighborhood. I wrote that the “trinity of gustatory hipness in a building that not long ago housed a biker bar and a hair salon whose business model included selling drugs to customers who placed their orders from an adjacent carwash [was] the impetus for openings all along the territory that lies on the sleepier side of White Rock Lake.” So not only am I enamored of the place, but I just quoted myself. You should probably ignore the rest of this post. Unless you live in East Dallas and care about earth-shattering, life-changing news. To wit:

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First Look: Stackhouse Burgers

Zac Crain and I almost got into a fistfight today at lunch, but that wasn’t because we ate at Stackhouse Burgers. The new joint is on Gaston, just down the street from the Elbow Room and Baylor Hospital. A homebuilder named Randy Kienast co-owns the restaurant, which is in a renovated house that was built […]

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