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My Five Cents: Why Don’t More Chefs Move to Dallas to Cook?

I’ve had at least a dozen conversations with local chefs and restaurateurs about the shortage of chefs in our town. It’s a seller’s market for talented chefs. With so many restaurants opening, they get job offers thrown their way all the time. It’s a challenge to keep up with the constant movement. I call it […]

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Kent Rathbun Reportedly Resigns From Abacus

Mike “Thriller” Hiller of EscapeHatchDallas is reporting Kent Rathbun has resigned from Abacus. I’d add a link to the story, but the website is not working.

I happened to be on the phone with a friend of mine who is good friends with the Rathbun’s when I got a text with the news. They were surprised but admitted that Rathbun had been struggling with his partners at Abacus for some time. He’d offered to buy them out and they declined.  I wonder if his deals at DFW are lost in the deal. 

Here’s the official statement:

Kent Rathbun has resigned from Kent Rathbun Concepts.  Although he will be

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