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Downtown Gets New Coffee Shop/Bookstore

Anne Holcomb spent some time in Argentina, where she fell in love with the bookstores and coffee shops. “They were very much my touchstones in a foreign land,” she says. When she left Argentina, she moved to Dallas, where she thought she’d be a theater teacher. But she came to Dallas in the middle of a recession, and things didn’t go as planned. She worked at a furniture store, and got into meditation. That’s where she met John Walsh. And that’s when they hatched the idea to start a business together.

On Halloween, Holcomb and Walsh (who haven’t given themselves titles yet, but we’ll call them the owners/managers) opened Serj Books, downtown Dallas’ newest coffee shop/bookstore. The small space, near the Saint Paul DART stop, is quaint. There’s a large bar where Holcomb and Walsh create drinks, a few tables with paper and crayons on top to encourage doodling, wood-paneled walls holding books, and signage with the Joke of the Day listed alongside Soup of the Day (try the chili, Holcomb’s recipe).

When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by Walsh, who is eager to tell you the joke of the day. (What do you call bears without shoes? Barefoot.) Be prepared to hang out for a minute—it’s a slow bar. Take a look at the books, which is a varied collection, including children’s books, pop culture, cooking books, and a book by local publisher Deep Vellum. Holcomb says the collection is something that will evolve as the shop evolves.

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Cafe Momentum on The Rachael Ray Show

A couple Sundays ago, I attended Cafe Momentum’s pop up brunch at Knife. When I walked in the door, I saw cameras everywhere. I gave Chad Houser, Executive Director at Cafe Momentum a quizzical look, and he explained it was for a taping of The Rachael Ray Show. At the beginning of the meal, we were informed of the taping and we all gave consent for us to be on television.

Last week, the day after Houser turned 39, the crew taped the show in New York. Houser talked about the restaurant and classroom space Cafe Momentum is opening in December. The segment is titled “Meet a Chef Who Is Using Food to Change Lives.” It will air at 10 a.m. on October 30.

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Cafe Momentum Announces Downtown Location of First Full-Service Restaurant

For the past year or so, whenever I’ve run into the talented and big-hearted Chad Houser, I’ve asked where he’s going to put Cafe Momentum’s first full-service restaurant. He’d talked about downtown, but I tried to never get too excited. As a downtown resident with a love for Cafe Momentum, that sounded too good to be true. Tonight, at the organization’s pop-up at Spoon, Houser made it official: the restaurant will be at 1510 Pacific Avenue. And it’ll open in December.

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Continental Avenue Bridge Opens With a Gospel Brunch

While a gospel choir from a church in West Dallas sang, I dug into my salad of grilled Texas peach, arugula, and Paula (Lambert)’s fromage blanc. I couldn’t find my husband. He’d finished his sweet summer corn bisque and gone to get a drink from Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, who was holding court at the bar. The wind picked up and the crowd collectively sighed. We were sitting in the middle of Dallas’ newest park, the Continental Avenue Bridge, which used to be a motor vehicle bridge until its neighbor (the Large Marge) opened in 2012. Sunday, the Continental Bridge opened to pedestrians and cyclists. We were there for the Gospel Brunch, which was part of the Trinity River Revel’s bridge opening celebrations. It was around 12:30 p.m., and though the sun wasn’t at full force, it was out. And it was hot. But the breeze felt great, and the venue couldn’t be beat.

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Get Ready for the Long Table Gospel Brunch on the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

On Sunday, we have a chance to see the potential of the Trinity River Basin. Join the the celebration of the opening of the The Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, Trinity Skyline Trail, West Dallas Gateway Plaza, and Sylvan Avenue Bridge. Have brunch with 500 of your friends and hear from five gospel choirs, and support some great causes.

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Fluellen Cupcakes To Open Downtown

There is so much going on downtown. On Saturday, I took the dog to his favorite store, Downtown Pawz, and let him pick out a treat. After taking him home, the husband and I walked over to Freshii and got lunch. Then we moseyed over to TenOverSix to check out the store’s accessories. Afterward, we […]

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A Good Cause Plus Great Food Makes for a Unique Dining Experience

I’m not a food critic. So when I went to last night’s 17th Cafe Momentum pop-up dinner, I was a little worried about if I could do the food justice. I wanted to capture the evening, but my inability to describe food as anything other than “yummy” or “delicious” had me concerned. But the great […]

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TACA Lexus Party on the Green Gets a Taste of Mother Nature

Friday night’s soirée, TACA Lexus Party on the Green, took place on the lawn at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.  There were cars up for winning, a cork pull, fabulous trips and dinners in the silent auction, and food. Oh, so much food. More than 30 chefs gathered in the courtyard to offer up […]

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Jay Jerrier of Cane Rosso Is a Great Host, and Great on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

Jay Jerrier invited me (and about 400 other people) via Facebook to his restaurant, Cane Rosso, to watch his debut on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Yesterday morning, I got a text message from Cane Rosso’s automated database system that Jerrier was going to host a watch party at 9PM.  I also noticed several tweets about […]

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Top Chef: Texas Episode Three Recap

D Magazine’s Loren Means loves to watch Top Chef. Therefore, she volunteered to watch all of the episodes this season and write a recap. She’s a Texan, and she’s on Texan stereotype alert. Go, Loren. I, personally, could have done without the first two episodes required to wrangle out the 13 weaker chefs. It’s just […]

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