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Is Twin Peaks’ Food a Cut Above Hooters’?

The New Republic writes this week about how North Texas-based Twin Peaks breastaurants have “out-hootered Hooters” by, under the direction of founder and CEO Randy DeWitt, focusing on the food as much as the “scenic views”:

Nobody at Hooters had figured out that the brand was broken, so he would fix it before they did. He started with the beer. “Cold beer is like catnip. Those working guys like their beer really cold,” DeWitt says. “Hooters’ slogan at the time was ‘coldest beer in town.’ I thought ‘big deal.’ It’s just a sign, just an empty claim. So we worked with a manufacturer to serve beer below freezing. It comes out at 29 degrees! And we put a digital temperature display so we don’t ever say ‘coldest beer in town,’ we say ‘look at the thermometer, you decide.’” Then he took on the menu: Everything down to the ice cream was to be made fresh in each franchise; nothing was to be frozen or carted in ready-made. (Order the shrimp cocktail at Hooters to see why that’s a good idea.) And focus on comfort food, not bar food: Hooters serves only burgers and sandwiches; Twin Peaks has pot roast with green beans and mashed potatoes and green chile meatloaf.

Sounds fancier, surely. But is the fare really any better? Guess it’d be hard to do worse than Hooters.

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Franconia Koelsch vs. Peticolas Golden Opportunity

You read our ranking of the best beers in Dallas, based on a blind tasting. Maybe you agree with all of it. Maybe you wonder how we could’ve come up with a list so wrong. Whatever the case, you know your beer, and you’re dying for a chance to tell us what’s what. Now you’ll have it.

For each of the next four weeks we’ll be putting two beers up for a head to head to vote to find out what our readers think about the best brews in town.

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Help Wanted: Online Assistant Dining Editor

Sad news, SideDishers: Our own Carol Shih will soon be leaving D Magazine to seek her fortune on the West Coast. So today we’ve begun a search for a new online assistant dining editor. Details are below. Please spread the news far and wide:

D seeks an editor to keep our online food and dining content the best in Dallas. Responsibilities include continual management and enhancement of the thousands of listings in our restaurant directory, keeping up with the latest openings and closings, and ensuring that the information we provide our readers is the most accurate and helpful in the city. This editor should be the sort of person who would wake up in night sweats realizing that he or she accidentally marked a restaurant’s closing time on Thursdays as 10 p.m. when it should have been 11 p.m. Also required of the position are regular contributions to our SideDish blog, including first looks at new restaurants before any other outlets in town, and voicing opinions to spur a lively daily discussion of the Dallas dining scene. We don’t want one-sided rewrites of press releases. This editor must have a competitive nature that causes him or her to become extremely irritated at, and to swear revenge upon, any blog or publication that might beat us to reporting an important piece of local industry news. But the job isn’t all eating and writing. The editor must be comfortable working with an online CMS and not break into hives when confronted with a massive spreadsheet full of data that must be manually entered (like typing a phonebook), often for hours at a stretch. If you’re interested, please don’t apply merely by emphasizing your “passion” for the subject matter. Tell us instead about the knowledge and skills that make you the absolute best fit for our needs. To do so, email a cover letter and resume to

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Which Bar Has the Best Patio in Dallas? Vote in our Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll

Now that warm weather season is at last with us (and before warm weather season becomes FIRE AND SMOKE FROM THE GATES OF HELL season), we can enjoy the many fantastic patios available for our lounging and drinking pleasure. But which bar boasts the absolutely best patio in the Dallas area? Funny you should ask, […]

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Where’s the Best Place in Dallas to Eat After Midnight? Vote in Our Best of Big D Survey

Unlike mogwai, it is perfectly safe for human beings to eat after midnight. Indeed, certain classifications of food — looking at you, Taco Bell — really should only ever be consumed in the wee hours of the morning, after you’ve fed your belly with good drink and your heart with convivial relations. But what are […]

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‘Excuse Me, Waiter, How Much is Your Restaurant’s Mouse-Spotting Discount?’

Last weekend I was dining in a nice, popular restaurant in Grapevine. My companions and I were enjoying our meal, and I was in the midst of telling another of my famously captivating anecdotes when my wife dared to interrupt me to point out there was a (non-human) animal crawling around the floor just behind […]

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Frito Pie Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday: Pure Genius, or an Unholy Abomination?

I posted a piece over on FrontBurner earlier today about the contribution of Frito Pie, and its forbears, to the history of Western civilization. So, of course, a reader decided to share with me the above photo of her brother’s Frito Pie Pizza. She writes: I know it’s a Boboli crust and then I assume […]

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Want to Write For SideDish and Work at D Magazine World Headquarters? Here’s How.

We’re looking for a new online assistant dining editor. Interested? Here are the details: D seeks an editor to keep our online food and dining content the best in Dallas. Responsibilities include continual management and enhancement of the thousands of listings in our restaurant directory, keeping up with the latest openings and closings, and […]

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Photo Essay: Jennifer Rubell’s Made in Texas at the Dallas Contemporary

Last night, intern Jessica Melton and photographer Desirée Espada attended the LEGENDARY event at Dallas Contemporary that featured Jennifer Rubell’s Made In Texas multifaceted art installations. Seven platforms displayed the human labor that is most often hidden inside the kitchens, factories, and warehouses of Texan businesses. Each platform was a living scene taken directly from […]

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Top Chef‘s Tiffany Derry Marches on Washington

To my desk comes this dispatch about chef Tiffany Derry of Top Chef fame meeting yesterday with members of the United States Congress: Bravo’s Top Chef All Stars fan favorite Tiffany Derry made a trip to Washington, D.C., to talk to Congress about the importance of culinary arts programs. A Department of Education rule is threatening […]

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