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Tei-An Named to Eater’s “38 Essential Restaurants” List

Eater national critic—and former DMN food critic—Bill Addison spent the past the past seven months dining in 28 American cities (and Montreal), in an attempt to determine the 38 essential American (and Montreal-ian) restaurants. Tei An, the delicious, incomparable Arts District spot, made the list.

“If Dallas doesn’t rank as one of the country’s great bastions of Asian cuisines, North Texas food lovers nonetheless know that they have something special in Teiichi Sakurai,” Addison writes. (I quibble with the slight on Dallas’ Asian cuisine, though I guess it’s technically our suburbs that really shine.)

Other Texas spots include Franklin Barbecue in Austin, and Oxheart and Underbelly, both in Houston. Here’s the full list. I’ve only been to two; time to book some flights.

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Grapevine Craft Brewing CEO Responds to the Observer

Steven Harrell wrote a quick ditty for the Observer this morning, taking us to task over our best beer issue, and, more specifically, our crowning of Grapevine Craft Brewery’s Sir William’s English Brown Ale as the best non-seasonal beer in Dallas.

I wasn’t aware of the post until Grapevine CEO Gary Humble sent over an email this afternoon. I’ll let it speak for itself.

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Sylvan Thirty to Host Grand Opening Sept. 27

The best part, according to spokeswoman Jenny Hancock: Ten, the Teiichi Sakurai-helmed ramen shop, will be open by then. So will CrossFit Deep, Sync Yoga, and the lofts above the center. Cox Farms Market is already open (though I love the shop, they close at 7 p.m. 7!). Bottega Italia, a gelato shop, will not be open yet, but will have a pop-up shop at the grand opening.

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Don’t Do What You’re About to Do, Bolsa Mercado

The baked goods—formerly a bright spot—were being shipped in from Hypnotic Donuts and others, and everything just felt…tired. I stop at Bolsa Mercado a few times a week for a quick dinner or six-pack, and I began to do so with less frequency.

Well, now we know why.

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