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Grapevine Craft Brewing CEO Responds to the Observer

10390465_707230086004160_289579665656264579_nSteven Harrell wrote a quick ditty for the Observer this morning, taking us to task over our best beer issue, and, more specifically, our crowning of Grapevine Craft Brewery’s Sir William’s English Brown Ale as the best non-seasonal beer in Dallas.

I wasn’t aware of the post until Grapevine CEO Gary Humble sent over an email this afternoon. I’ll let it speak for itself. Please read to the end:


It’s writers like you that sometimes cause me to second guess what I’m doing owning a brewery. But then again, it’s our fans and the love of what we do that causes me to come back to reality and see your blogs and rants as little more than insignificant in the first place.

What you and writers like you don’t seem to get is that behind these beers are businesses, small businesses, local businesses. And for that matter, people, people who really care about what they do and work their asses off on a daily basis to do it.

There’s no doubt that the D Magazine article is at absolute best subjective. And frankly, I really wish all of the beer ranking crap would go away, especially from the Dallas County Medical Society communications director self-professed Dallas Observer beer expert. But I digress.

Regarding our Sir Williams English Brown Ale, it was an honor for us to get a mention from D Magazine. We didn’t ask for it. Hell, we didn’t even know about it until one of our friends walked into the brewery with the magazine. We were floored. But it is also worth noting that only a few short weeks later, out of 88 beers, a panel of BJCP certified judges gave the Sir Williams BEST OF SHOW at the Best Little Brewfest in Texas in Lewisville, TX. Needless to say, both Certified Cicerones, Master Sommeliers and BJCP judges have rated the Sir Williams as an outstanding beer.

All that said, does that mean it’s the best beer Dallas? Well, to some people, maybe. And to others, probably not. But that’s the beautiful thing about beer isn’t it. There’s something for everyone. Our local craft beer industry is young and full of sold out entrepreneurs with a passion for our craft. I know all of these guys and I consider them friends. Owning a brewery is not for the faint of heart. Working at a brewery is no cake walk. It’s hard work. That said, Steven it’s great that you spend your time writing and talking about local craft beer. And you’re lucky to be provided a platform to do so. Be a fan. Be constructive. Promote the industry. Just don’t be an asshole.


Gary Humble
Founder & CEO, Grapevine Craft Brewery