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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Farmers Market Announces Labor Day Weekend Opening of The Shed

The Shed, formerly known as Shed 1 at the Dallas Farmers Market, is scheduled to open Friday, Aug. 29. The farmers who have been selling out of Shed 3 will move back into the new and improved space which will “will feature new food vendors alongside perennial crowd favorites with a focus on local farmers and transparency through clearly labeled, high-quality produce. Carts will be made available for shopping and a stage will be built at the east end for weekend highlights including live music, chef demonstrations and cooking classes.”

I don’t know why they had to go and change the dang name because it’s going to be all confusing. Thankfully, Shed 2 will remain Shed 2. (Thank you!) Shed 2 will also get a new name: the new Shed 2, which will open next spring, will be called The Market. It will include four anchor restaurants (I hear Rex’s, Taqueria La Ventana are two of them), patio dining, and a mix of local artisan food vendors. Let’s not forget Shannon Wynne’s 5,500-square-foot restaurant and beer garden, Mudhen. Wynne is shooting for a spring 2015 opening as well.