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John Ahern, Founder of Cardinal Puff’s Restaurant and Bar, Has Died

Sad news from Cardinal Puff’s: John Ahern, founder, manager, and owner of Cardinal Puff’s, passed away on July 16 after a long battle with diabetes. There will be an informal gathering to celebrate his life tomorrow (August 1) from 5:30 – 7:30 PM at Ozona’s Restaurant and Bar.

For over 20 years, Cardinal Puff’s was a rocking bar. The place closed in 1992 after Ahern lost a fight with his landlord who leased the property to John Pate who opened Ozona’s . Eric Celeste wrote this story about the nasty feud. Rest in peace, John.


  • mark

    Bought my first bottle of Annie Green Srings at the original tiny spot on Greenville. Loved their logo and decal.
    If you watch National Lampoon’s Vacation the decal is on the sun tea jar at cousin Eddie’s house.
    Spent lots of tuition money between Puff’s and Up Your Alley.
    Sad news