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The Localist: Savoy Chocolate Fix Sorbet

While I adore the creamy coolness of a fat-laden ice cream this time of the year, I knew I wanted a treat that would cure my chocolate craving without blowing my calorie budget. What entered my sights while I gazed over the selection at Central Market caught me by surprise.

There stood a white colored pint of Savoy Sorbet with a “Local Foodie Find” label on the shelf. I hadn’t even considered sorbet. I used to work with a burned out pastry-chef who loved putting sorbets on our dessert menu in the middle of January. Her lack of imagination had me turning a blind eye to them until now. I picked up the pint and began to read the label. This all-natural grain-free sorbet was produced in Irving and contains coconut milk, chocolate, brandy, and vanilla. I immediately placed it in my cart.

When I got home I peeled back the lid and tasted my recent addition to the frozen confection shelf of my freezer. It provided the clean, sharp refreshment only sorbet could bring during triple digit Texas summers. The addition of coconut milk, brandy, and vanilla added richness and rounded out the flavor. The texture is perfectly uniform, which is a difficult thing to master in the absence of stabilizers. All of this clocked in at a meager 30 calories per 1-ounce serving. I couldn’t help but smile.

Savoy Sorbet is owned and operated by Linn Madsen in nearby Irving, Texas. The majority of her sorbet line is vegan friendly, contains all-natural ingredients, and is grain free.

This sorbet is the perfect antidote for anyone looking to get a chocolate fix while staying swimsuit ready. I’m planning to taste my way through their other flavors, as Spearmint and Lemon Thyme Balm have already caught my eye.

Savoy Sorbet is available for purchase at Central Market.

  • nataleat

    You had me at chocolate, brandy, and vanilla. As if I needed another excuse to visit Central Market. Can’t wait to try this!

  • Lynn Southan

    I cherish that I know the chef. Delightful, in many ways!

  • Leslie Barrett

    This sorbet is a favorite in our home. It’s worth the $7 or whatever they’re charging now for it! They have a Bananas Foster flavor that is also just as good.

  • Linn Madsen

    What a lovely surprise! Thanks for the good words. You might like to know that we make that vanilla right here in our kitchen with Madagascar beans and brandy (of course). No grains in any of our flavors. Always a thrill to find someone new discovering what we make.