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Making Dallas Even Better

Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Custom-Made Candy in Dallas

This gal usually heads to liquor because it’s quicker, but today she’s looking for candy:

Are there any places in Dallas that make candy? When I get the urge for a little something sweet, I’d love to support a local manufacturer instead of just raiding the candy aisle at Tom Thumb.

  • ilikecandy

    What kind of candy? Most of the chocolatiers around town offer confections outside of the their chocolate treats.

  • Marci Nathlich

    Dude, Sweet Chocolate. SO SO SO good. try their fungus amongus toffee :)

  • Doc

    Look into Fluffpop! Awesome cotton candy.

  • susanlynneb

    Chocolate Secrets!

  • susanlynneb

    Coming soon…Kate Weiser in Trinity Groves.

  • LDS

    Goodies on the square in McKinney makes great chocolate.