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Herrera’s Cafe Building a New Restaurant on Maple Avenue

Herrera's RenderingHerrera’s Cafe has a long history on Maple Avenue. In 1971, Amelia Herrera opened the original 10-table café in a small building (now The Grapevine) on Maple near Oak Lawn. They moved to a larger building across the street at some point where they operated until they moved to newer digs in late 2011. Today comes word they are going big time. MAPP Construction Company is busy constructing a new home for Herrera’s at the corner of Throckmorton and Maple near the restored Old Parkland Hotel campus. Amelia would be pleased to know that her little dumpy restaurant will soon become a new 4,500-square-foot dining room with a mezzanine and outdoor seating. Let’s hope the No. 10 still tastes like a No. 10. Expect the opening in September. The current location will remain open, but it, along with the strip center where it is located, will be demolished once the new place is up and running.