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Becks Prime on Greenville Avenue is Closing Today

The folks behind the Becks Prime gourmet burger chain have decided to close the location on Greenville Avenue. Today. “After much thought and consideration, we have found that this area was not a good fit for our concept and the flow of traffic was not as we had expected,” Molly Voorhees, President of Becks Prime, says in a press release.



  • dallasboiler

    I thought the food was decent, but there was too much closely situated competition (Snuffer’s, Twisted Root, Fuddrucker’s, Grub, Jake’s, Chip’s, etc. to name a few) and the size of the location exceeded made it feel empty (even with a decent lunch crowd there). The place needed a separate bar to compete at this location and make better use of the space.

  • PF1

    We were there almost weekly and it was consistently good – the place was always clean and tidy, and the staff was efficient. I found the food and service to be much better than Grub, Twisted Root, Liberty and Chips. I hope the employees had some warning, get some severance, and have an easy time finding work.

  • Burgerfan

    The place was too expensive, the food wasn’t good enough and the atmosphere was too sterile. With more burger joints than you can shake a stick at nearby, I’m not surprised it didn’t survive.