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Food Feedback Friday

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We’d love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. Last week you ate like good little piggies at Velvet Taco, Pakpao (where one diner discovered a “greasy glop”), Gemma, and Argentina Bakery.

  • alyb803

    Pakpao for brunch. Food, decent, but not stellar. The omelettes were adequate, but nothing more. Good French toast (the coconut glaze was a nice change of pace), but hey, it’s French toast, and you can get good French toast at lots of places. The pork congee was deemed the best dish of our table of 5 (along with the fried cashews we nibbled on before food arrived). Service was wretched. Not sure if the waiter was new, indifferent, hung over or what, but it was bad (I usually have better service there at lunch–better, but again, nothing memorable). We were one of the first parties to arrive, and at first the music was so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves think (or anything the waiter said). They grudgingly turned it down, but we got the eye roll. Our waiter continuously tried to upsell us, and couldn’t describe dishes or make any intelligent recommendations. I want to like Pakpao, but they’re not making it easy.

  • twinwilow

    Well, after reading your’s and other recent reports and reviews of Pakpao, I guess it’s all downhill now from here.

  • joeat

    Now wait, is it possible that a waiter and a restaurant can be this stupid? Actually it is. The Catalina room on Lemmon was this stupid when Eddie Campbell was manager – a total idiot, I have never liked him since based on the stupid job he did. Can not the people working there realize the volume of the music? Eddie never could but surely, more sophisticated owners/manages have ears and can So very frustrating. .

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