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My Five Cents: What Should a Server Say ?

One of the most important jobs of a server is to guide a customer through a menu. It’s a service to the kitchen and the diner. A chef may need to move some seafood so he encourages servers to suggest it. A diner may want to ask about and order a chef’s signature dish. What chaps my sass is when I ask a server “What do you like or recommend” and their response is:“Oh, I really love everything. Honestly you can’t go wrong with any dish.”

It’s a lazy response and a missed opportunity for the servers to sell the restaurant and themselves as an experts. I always appreciate a server who takes the time to ask me what I’m in the mood for or to tell me what dish is special that night. I still remember the faces of those who warned me against ordering a certain item. Their honestly was admirable and appreciated.

You all dine out frequently. Does this happen to you? Do you have a way of engaging a server or do you just figure it out what to order on your own?