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Food Feedback Friday

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We’d love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. Last week you ate like good little piggies at Monkey King, Spiral Diner, Grace, Flying Fish, Lockhart Smokehouse, and Oak.

  • rvponders

    Was I the only one who didn’t know about Argentina Bakery until recently? Because those are hands down the best empanadas I’ve ever had in my life.

    Dinner tonight at Velvet Taco (i don’t have the same worshipful love for it that others do, but it was pretty good today – definitely a step up from other fast-casual places) and last night at Il Cane Rosso, which was awesome as usual. Though something seemed slightly different about the crust… but still very, very good.

  • Sally

    Dinner at Gemma at 10:30 Thursday night. Had the industry special, Chicken Milanese. It was spectacular. Perfectly prepared. Charming, friendly service.

  • Greg Brown

    Belly & Trumpet is doing great things. With the exception of some raw oysters to start, I had my first full vegetarian meal in a long time. Absolutely superb flavors & execution. Service was just this side of slow, but overall a great meal. Highly recommended.

  • Corky Luxembourg

    Pakpao. Waiter was not only untrained, but had apparently never worked in a restaurant before. They said the wine I ordered was sold out, so I just ordered a beer instead. Suddenly the wine appeared, and the inexperienced waiter told us “how hard it was to get it from the back,” meaning he didn’t want to get it until he saw the drop in bank for himself. We had a vegetarian in our party, and the waiter said No, that he couldn’t be accommodated. I pointed out that Thai food suits vegetarians well, using noodles, rice, vegetables, and curry. He goes back to the kitchen (5 ft away) to discuss. 3 more rounds of good cop/bad cop later, we had ourselves a veggie stir fry. The hard boiled egg appetizer had a skin like plastic. The mung bean noodles with shrimp was a greasy glop. The music, however, was Top 40. No, not in an ironic homage to Casey Kasem, but because the managent just doesn’t care.

  • Corky Luxembourg

    PakPao. Had a wonderful dinner. Waiter was attentive and well trained. Wine list extensive and diverse. The mung bean noodles with shrimp was devine.
    Is this a blog or a fan page? Is this supposed to be informative or just cheerleading for your restaurant buddies?

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