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Making Dallas Even Better

Lakewood’s The Temptress vs Martin House’s Pretzel Stout

Following our blind taste test of 30 Dallas beers, we decided to pit some of the contestants against each other in a 4-week beer battle. Last week in the IPA matchup, Community Mosaic barely came out on top with 54% of the vote, Deep Ellum taking 46%.

With some lighter ales behind us, the final week’s matchup is left to none other than the stout. Stout beer is not for every occasion, but when the mood calls there is nothing better than the rich, deep weight of a properly malted stout to delve into the cavern of darkness with both lips dancing. Probably our city’s most popular stout, The Lakewood Temptress is up against another new brewery on the scene with the Martin House Pretzel Stout. Considering our ranking, maybe it’s time for the Temptress to relinquish its throne. What do you think?

UPDATE: The votes are in, and Pretzel House took 84% of the vote, leaving only 16% to Temptress.