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Food Feedback Friday

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We’d love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. Last week you ate like good little piggies at Mr. Mesero, Neighborhood Services, Dough, Nonna, Meddlesome Moth, CattleAck BBQ, Mattito’s, Knife, and one of you had a strange experience at Yutaka

  • tmw

    Had lunch at Nonna the day after “pasta-gate”. Fritto Misto with softshell crawfish was unbelievable, everyone got the obster ravioli which tasted of the sea. Absolutely fabulous lunch!

  • Bri

    I had the pleasure of having dinner at Stock & Barrel this week. So amazing! I cant wait to go back! The crab fritters met in your mouth with fresh crab tasting goodness and a side of sweet and sour for dipping!! I had the braised pork cheek for my entree. It comes with cheddar grits and pickled shallots. Now, I am not a grits fan, but when you take the all-in-1 bite, it is literally the best thing I’ve eaten in awhile!! My husband had the tile fish(which is weird, normally its me who orders fish and he gets the meat) , he said it ate like a steak. Definitely a must try for everyone who appreciates food!

  • rvponders

    Great afternoon meal at La Duni yesterday, awesome gyro at Afrah, tried out Top Pot (which may be my new favorite doughnut in town) and birthday dinner for Dad tonight at Clay Pigeon (which was great, the execution was flawless tonight)!

  • rvponders

    Dunno what pasta-gate is but if it means lots of Nonna pasta I am up for it!

  • BaronKanter

    Had dinner on Friday at Urbano Cafe, the hazelnut salad had a really excellent mix of textures with a generous amount of butternut squash. For the main course, the braised to perfection lamb shank was large, in charge, and fell off the bone into my face. The atmosphere is very casual, the only downside being that with not much on the walls or floor to absorb sound, it gets really loud in there. The service is excellent, calm, collected, and always smiling.

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