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Making Dallas Even Better

After Dallas Man’s Espresso Explosion, Starbucks Clarifies Its Free Drink Policy

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.11.36 AMThanks for nothing, Andrew Chifari. According to Eater:

As the Starbucks Melody blog first pointed out, Starbucks headquarters recently “reemphasized” an existing policy that blended beverages and espresso drinks should not be served in amounts larger than 24 ounces for iced drinks (hot drinks have a 20-ounce cutoff). A Starbucks rep tells Eater that policy clarifications happen during conversations with employees “from time to time,” but the recent 128-ounce drink inspired Starbucks to “take this opportunity to follow-up with them” about the size guidelines.

According to the rep, should a guest bring in their own 25-ounce or 128-ounce glass, Starbucks employees would be “more than happy to” fill it with a Venti-sized (24-ounce) beverage, leaving the rest of the glass empty.

Again, Mr. Chifari, thank you for ruining this for everyone the world over.

  • David

    128 oz (US) is a gallon. About a week’s worth in my house.