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New Mural Helps You Find Dallas Farmers Market District

Once upon a time, on a 13-acre restaurant-retail-artist-and-entertainment development at the base of the west end of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, I sat down with Phil Romano. It is hard to believe the meeting took place only a little over two years ago. Romano told me about his vision for Trinity Groves. At the time, it was an empty parking lot surrounded by empty warehouses. Now you can not find a place to park. I digress.

Romano and I walked the property. He pointed to  two murals. “That’s my $150,000 wall,” Romano said. The two works of art were painted by Shepard Fairey, known for his iconic “Hope” poster of Barack Obama. Romano demolished the wall with the “Obey” mural (‘natch) to build Hofmann Hots.

Today the Dallas Farmers Market announces a snazzy new mural at the corner of Park and Canton at 807 Park Avenue. The work was designed and painted by The Davies Brothers, Isaac, Jashua, and Jerod Davies of 3of1Art. Look closely: the images in the word MARKET depict familiar community landmarks such as Ruibals Plants, Scottish Rite Cathedral, Dallas Heritage Village, Dallas Farmers Market, the historic Liberty Bank Building, Downtown Dallas skyline and Dallas Police Department. 3of1Art champions neighborhood beautification through art. They partnered with Farmers Market property owner and neighborhood advocate Tanya Ragan, of Wildcat Management, commissioned the mural. I like this trend. More murals.



  • Izk Davies

    more murals

  • Justin B.

    Agreed more murals. Let’s let the murals breathe for a few months too before they’re torn apart and turned into hot dog restaurants.