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Mixed greens with beets and oranges. (Photography by Mathew Shelley)

New Menu at Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson Needs Recasting

Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson has a unique presence. They show quality films of nostalgic fervor as well as first run features while housing an excellent rotation of mostly local craft beer. In addition to watching such awesome films as Big Trouble in Little China, you can order food and drinks from your theater seat. There is also a bar and restaurant area in the lobby called the Glass Half Full Taproom where you can wet your whistle and fill your belly.

Recently, I attended a media preview of their newly released lunch items. I found their hearts to be in the right place, but the food itself was not. The pizza was heavy and lackluster with a chewy crust. The Roasted Red Pepper and Feta pizza did have some inviting zest, but overall the selections were mediocre. The sandwiches I tasted were all made on lifeless hoagie rolls that quickly became soggy in all the grease from the cheese and meat, and the soups were no better. I wish I had something nice to comment on, but all in all I found the ingredients poorly prepared and difficult to enjoy. Wait, I did enjoy the combination of orange and beet in the salad, so there you go.

  • DFW former Austinite

    Agreed. Wife and I used to live in Austin several years back and frequented the Alamo often. Then their menu was much better, food quality much more reliable. Their new queso recipe is awful and can only think of a couple items I will try. They removed many of the better pizzas and the menu is in dire need of a reboot. There was a large outcry in Austin not long after the unveiling of the menu last year, and I thought they would revamp it, as they have a tradition of being customer friendly. The older menu is leagues ahead of this current one. The Alamo spokesman basically defended the menu and didn’t seem to mind the countless Alamo fans crying out for better selections in the article I read. Come on Alamo, you can do better.

  • Steven Furst

    I wonder how good Alamos’ business is?. I hope it succeeds but. I haven’t been there yet.

  • Paul

    They do have a lot of craft beers if that’s your thing, but I don’t think their food is that great, even a little pretentious for what it is. Also, all the admonitions on screen to mind your manners or basically be thrown out are a little weird and off-putting. I suspect folks who loved it in Austin love it here, but not sure its as special as they claim.

  • Joel Cawthon

    This is so Disappointing.. I recently moved from Austin and I was sad about missing everything that IS Austin, and then I saw there was at least an Alamo Drafthouse here. So I go and my favorite Pizza in the world is not on the menu. The 4 Cheese, Porky’s Pizza?!!! I would go there just to get that Pizza in Austin. Now I see no more reason to go to Alamo. I couldn’t find anything else interesting on the menu either. Everything just overpriced now.