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The Mecca for biscuits and gravy was The Mecca.

Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Biscuits and Gravy in Dallas

This cry comes from a woman who is pregnant. She is obsessed with biscuits in gravy. I searched our records and found a list we compiled in 2009. It made me miss The Mecca and my favorite waitress (Becky, where are you?).  Listen to this mother-to-be:

Nancy, I am four months pregnant and eating like a horse. My cravings are for soft, fattening foods. It’s weird. Meat or chicken turns my stomach and I find myself eating bread, particularly biscuits with country gravy. My friend told be to go to Barbec’s but they didn’t do the trick. My in-laws will be here this weekend and I thought I’d take them several places that serve biscuits and gravy so I might indulge on their dime. Can your readers help this poor girl? Thanks.