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Making Dallas Even Better

Sneaking a Peek at Method: Caffeination & Fare in Dallas

The counterIn our coffee hungry city, we now have one more little shop to satiate our desires for fine coffee to get us through our awesome lives. Method: Caffeination & Fare opened recently at the corner of Ross and Hall. Louie Corwin, a young, inked, high energy gentleman has gathered recipes from his family’s South American heritage and put them on pretty little plates inside his smooth, and brightly polished shop. The most notable item within this petite shop is its handmade espresso machine called The Slayer. Taking 6 months to build up in the mecca of coffee-dom, Seattle, The Slayer is a beauty sought after by the thickest of coffee nerds. What this means for us is that the delicious Novel Rosters coffee that they serve will run through one of the finest espresso makers this side of the Mississippi, I think. I am not a geographer.

The Slayer (Photography by Matthew Shelley)
The Slayer (Photography by Matthew Shelley)
savory empanada
Savory empanada. (Photography by Matthew Shelley)
PB&J with milk
Grilled PB&J with milk. (Photography by Matthew Shelley)

There are easy to grab pastries, macarons from the soon to open Joy Macarons (spoiler alert, they’re amazing), and biscotti, which I must mention in case you’re of the nature not to include them in the pastry category. Either way, I am just keeping you informed. Aside from the quickies, Louie is crafting some creative plates to deepen your satisfaction. There is a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich served with a glass of milk, savory and classically style empanadas, and Louie’s favorite Shabbat-leftovers inspired dish, the Challah French toast made with sweetened, condensed milk in place of maple syrup. It’s rather yum. Each dish is served with fruit to lighten your mood and freshen your plate, and alongside the coffee, it’s a tasty excursion for your mouth.

Espresso. (Photography by Matthew Shelley)
the pour over
The pour over. (Photography by Matthew Shelley)

If you need to know more, get in there and order something. Louie will certainly be there with an excited grin to introduce you to his staff and many offerings. For being so young and fairly unseasoned in the treacherous world of Dallas food, I think this budding coffee artist is on to something all his own.