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Adios tires, hello burgers.

Brooke Humphries Bringing Pint and Quarts Burger Joint to Greenville

Mudsmith/Beauty Bar/Barcadia/It’ll Do/basically-everything-else-around-town owner Brooke Humphries will (hopefully) soon open Pints and Quarts, a burger shop at the intersection of Ross and Greenville.

The location is currently a tire shop, and the building’s bones are everything Humphries was looking for.

“It will be kind of a vintage gas station vibe…along the lines of Shake Shack,” Humphries said. “You cant grab a burger on this side of town, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. You have to drive. That’s the one thing we’re lacking.”

The burger news comes on the heels of Humphries’ announced Mudsmith expansion, to downtown Dallas and Frisco. Pints and Quarts is expected to open before either of those, she said. The original goal was to open mid-summer, which is clearly not happening.

“Changing a tire shop to a burger place will probably prove to be a little delicate,” she said.

And while burgers are welcome news for many, the loss of the shop could yield some cheap-tire anger, if Yelp review are any indication. Get your cheap and fast tire patches while you can.