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Where is All of the Great Greek Food in Dallas?


Just after Cristina Daglas reported for duty as the new editor of D Magazine, she asked me where she could find great Greek food. She grew up eating it and spent time living in Greece. I asked for your opinions. You certainly came through. From a list of 78 comments, she decided to go to Kostas Café. She was not impressed.

She found the menu puzzling: it was missing staples (pastitsio, skordalia, keftedes) and bread was served with butter, not olive oil. Tzatziki was all garlic, no cucumber. The horiatiki salad was a sad mix of less-than-ripe components, and the spanakopita, though served with a wonderfully flaky phyllo exterior, turned to a flavorless spinach mixture curiously devoid of feta cheese. Her rant continues here.

Anybody out there beg to differ? Or have more suggestions?