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Making Dallas Even Better

Sunday is Last Day for Pecan Lodge Barbecue at Dallas Farmers Market

pecanlodgeDiane and Justin Fourton have been working their butts off to get their new location of Pecan Lodge up and running. The next era of Pecan Lodge will begin sometime in late May at 2702 Main Street in Deep Ellum. The Fourton’s have already moved a lot of their equipment to the new digs.

If you are sentimental about standing in line in Shed 2, then head down Sunday and be a part of Dallas barbecue history.





  • peteflys

    Stand in line why? I sure hope the new place improves from a operational stand point. Like more then one cashier and more front line counter help. I find this idea of making customers waiting in line for hours to get service somewhat offensive. The food can be the greatest but if you can’t execute the whole process from kitchen to customer what’s the point? I will go to Deep Ellum and see if they will change the concept.

  • beda

    The last time I was there, Pecan Lodge didn’t serve fresh-brewed iced tea; I got it at the Chicago hot dog place around the corner, who appear to resent selling only iced tea when the customer is not going to eat there (they had signs that said free refills for only customers who eat at their place.) Please, Pecan Lodge, add that Texas barbecue staple to your menu when you move. Also agree with all of peteflys’ comments. It has been a while since I’ve eaten there (not since it got popular), but the counter service, with very few customers, seemed not to work as efficiently as it could.