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Tom Spicer's mushrooms photographed by Elizabeth Lavin.

A Guide to Buying Mushrooms and a Cooking Tip From Tom Spicer

Recently I wrote a piece about mushrooms for D Home. I talked to a few experts and came up with some tips on how to become a master pickup artist of tasty fungi.Here is a link to the story.

Of course, I spoke with Mushroom Master Tom Spicer of FM 1410. I wrote:

My favorite place to buy wild and exotic mushrooms is Spiceman’s FM 1410. Owner/forager Tom Spicer has spent more than 30 years in the niche produce business. His Dimebag O’Shrooms is a terrific way to get out of your button-mushroom comfort zone. For $10, you get a bag filled with an 8-ounce mixture that could include black trumpet mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles—whatever he has on hand that day.

Spicer  shared his secret for cooking mushrooms. He refers to this technique as his Two-Minute Drill. Just another reason why I love Tom. Here goes:

Put a dry stainless steel or Teflon pan on high heat. (Don’t usea cured cast iron skillet or it will lose its cure.) Our a Dimebag O’Shrooms into a bowl and cover with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mix until fully coated. Pour into the hot pan and spread across the surface. Don’t touch the mushrooms for a full minute. At 61 seconds, stir and flip the mushrooms every five seconds. At two minutes, pull the pan from the heat and turn our the mushrooms. They are now ready to to in any dish, recipe, or mouth.

  • Margie Hubbard

    I’m going to try it!

  • Primi timpano

    Do not wash the mushrooms. If you must, gently use a damp towel or dry vegetable brush.