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Making Dallas Even Better

New Chef, Jet Tila, at Pakpao Thai in Dallas

pakpaoYou may have seen chef Jet Tila on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Soon you can chat with him through the open kitchen at Pakpao Thai in the Design District.  Tila replaces opening chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin who is now at Bite in Fort Worth. Tila will join Richard Ellman, co-owner along with his wife Tiffanee of Apheleia Restaurant Group as chef/partner.

“Team Tila” (which consists of Jet and two of his protégés) will bring their A-game later this month. The menu will change to reflect some of  team will guide changes to the Tila’s signature dishes such as Khao Soi Noodles, Sticky Rice with Mangoes, Moo Palo (five spiced pork belly), and Roti Dessert (Indian flat bread with coconut ice cream and condensed milk).

  • kindallas

    Cool. He seems like a very likable, knowledgeable fellow on TV.

  • Cindy J

    Oh I lived him on TV. How fun it will be to meet him and eat his food. Welcome to Dallas Chef!

  • Cindy J

    Sorry. I meant loved.

  • Greg Brown

    Very cool. I have never been there as life keeps getting in the way. Really looking forward to it now!

  • FoddieLove

    Pak Pao has some of the best tasting authentic Thai food in town. I hope Tila does NOT bring any of his Vegas style pan Asian and sushi dishes with him. I hope they keep Pak Pao pure Thai because that is what this town needs.