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Bar Review: Paschall Bar in Denton

(photo by Jeremy Sharp)
(photo by Jeremy Sharp)

This month, Tara Nieuwesteegfrom heads north to Denton’s town square where she uncovers Paschall Bar.

The unmarked wood door was easy to miss. I walked past twice before identifying it as the portal to Denton’s (obviously) low-key Paschall Bar. When my bearded friend pointed out that the door is plain on purpose, my frustration vanished. Who doesn’t love a secret bar?

After climbing a tall, steep staircase and opening another door, we found a low-lit and smoky space with dark woods, red drapes, and walls covered with portraits and traditional European-style art. People seated on long leather couches played chess and flipped through books pulled from huge bookshelves that line the walls (I spotted everything from a collection of English literature to the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening). There are dartboards, Persian-style rugs, and a vintage wooden bar. More here.