Douchey Bars and Restaurants in Dallas, the 2014 Edition

Almost three years ago, I asked you to to  start a list of douchey bars and restaurants in Dallas. And you did. There are more than 83 names on your list, and lots of new terms such as douchetorium, douche magnet, and the fringe of douchiness.

We all know how fast douche bars and restaurants turn over. Let’s get busy and use this rainy day to update our douche database. Here’s the criteria: Calling a place douchey– uninteresting, stale, preppy, mainstream, especially in a self-promoting way–swings both ways. Some people look for douchery while others avoid it. So, the term isn’t necessarily negative,  it’s just an adjective.

23 comments on “Douchey Bars and Restaurants in Dallas, the 2014 Edition

  1. I used to love going to the Windmill. I swear Steve Doyle lives there. He has ruined the place for me.

  2. I’m curious to see if John Tesar can un-douchify the old Central 214 spot with Knife!

  3. Rustic, standard pour, truck yard (on it’s way), urban taco, nick and sam’s grill, salt, sisu, the old warsaw, starbucks, j. blacks, gin mill, taco diner, mi cocina (west village and hp village), rattlesnake bar, katy trail ice house, twin peaks, blackforest biergarten, kung fu saloon, prime bar.

  4. Sherlocks. Brick House Tavern. Flying Saucer in Addison. (Sorry, but it’s true.) Sherlocks. The usual chains like Fridays and BWW.

  5. wow you sure go to a lot of douchey places…but you are right about Rustic. Especially on Sunday afternoons.

  6. Just so I know what we are talking about, Urban Dictionary states: Douchbag–An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, a low level of intelligence, and a lack of social ability to interact with non-douchebags. Is this accurate? So are all $30k millionaires therefore douchebags?

  7. Nick and Sam’s Grill, The Riz Bar …. you know all the ones Mitchell said. I would love to know the non douchey bars in Dallas …

  8. All the ones that Mitchell said … especially Nick and Sam’s grill … easier question…where are the non douchery bars in Big D??? I’m still looking

  9. Strangeways… Black Swan Saloon… Old Monk (in spite of the location)… Goodfriend…

  10. This is silly, would be so much easier to name those that are not douchey.

  11. Aren’t they only douchey because of the D-Bags that frequent them?

  12. Scruffy Duffies, Shops of Legacy. Only been once. It was like a douchebag convention.

  13. Renfield’s Corner, Trophy Room……..So&So………..that was fast……..

  14. hardy, har, har. My vote goes to Rustic. HG Supply is douchey for lower Greeneville.

  15. Okay, so Concrete Cowboy and Kung Fu Saloon take the top spots with facility. But can we not trace the lineage of their douchery straight back to the Katy Trail Ice House? I mean, they should have just called it, “Katy Trail Douche Cathedral.”

  16. Both Nick & Sams Grill and Dee Lincoln’s Burger whatever it is called are full if obnoxious Dbags

  17. There is a link in the post above. Let me know if it doesn’t show up on your computer.