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Fedora Restaurant and Lounge in One Arts Plaza is Closed for Repairs

I’m hearing Fedora Restaurant and Lounge in One Arts Plaza is closed. I called and the voice mail says they are closed because of a small fire and they advise you to call back for open date. However, an inside source says they are closed for good. Open Table is down and several employees have not been given their tips. He/she goes on to say the state controller froze bank account two weeks ago and seized money.

A quick search of Fedora’s owner Xandreya Zigel pulls up this two-year old story (warning: annoying ads).

Update: The small fire at Fedora caused the overhead sprinklers to flood the restaurant. Xandreya Zigel says it will take a month or a month and a half to get the restaurant reopened. She says she has taken care of her business with the state controller. If you have a party booked this summer at Fedora, it’s still on the books.

  • lakewoodhobo

    They’ve closed and reopened several times in the past. Maybe this time it’s for good.

  • BradfordPearson

    I was there a month or so ago, and asked about the happy hour special. “Oh we don’t have that any more,” the bartender said. “It wasn’t very popular.”

    Less popular than the empty bar I was staring at?

  • goodmoine

    We really should’ve asked them to let us try and toss the fedoras on the liquor bottles 15 feet up the shelves while we had the chance.

  • John Nicholas

    It’s weird that 3 places in One Arts have closed so quickly at the same time that the rest of Downtown and Uptown are on a roll. The Greek was the only one I’d go to at lunch time but it seemed reasonably busy and I thought they would all get decent pre-show traffic from the Meyerson, Winspear and other venues.