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Chef Ian Tate is Out of the Kitchen at So & So’s

sosoIan Tate has itchy chef pants. He left the Slow Bone to become execuchef at Komali and Salum. That gig ended abruptly in February and Tate popped up in the at So & So’s in early March. . Today, he’s looking for a job or perhaps starting a place of his own. So & So’s rep Brandon Hays says:

“Ian is a family man and as such he has decided that spending as many hours at work as we needed was not conducive to his time at home.Nick Amoriello is now taking the role as executive chef. The food he has been producing is fantastic and we are excited for the full menu to be done this weekend (many of the items are being served now). We wish Ian Tate all the best in his future ventures.”

  • TonyRuggio

    More regular restaurant reviews, less articles about chefs coming and going. The former is more relevant to ordinary people.

  • Mark P

    Disagree completely. How is this not helpful information? Do “ordinary people” not care who cooks their food at a restaurant? Surely that is not the case. For instance, I will actually try So & So’s now that I know Tate is gone.

  • twinwillow

    It should be mentioned that before his short stint at Slow Bone, Tate was the chef at Nova in Oak Cliff for a short time.

  • Perry

    In all fairness no chef lasts long working for that ahole Perkins. Whatever happened to his little legal infraction when he attacked that customer? No one can work with a schizophrenic philanderer. Also Tate was at Nova for several years. I eat there almost nightly.

  • Scott

    Couldn’t agree more, Mark. I ate at Komali when Mr. Tate was the chef there and it was meh. I couldn’t figure out why Mr. Salum would not be in the kitchen of his own restaurant. The prices are high and customers should at least have their food prepared by a worthy chef.

  • TonyRuggio

    It is helpful for people like you and I. Do you think the average person pays attention to which chef is where though? No, they do not.

  • Marcus

    The average person who doesn’t pay attention to what chef is cooking where is also not likely reading this blog on a regular basis.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I appreciate the conversation. I would like to add that a large slice of our pie of readers is made up of folks who work in the industry. I try to pay attention to the demographics and report accordingly. Tony, tomorrow I will post something just for you!

  • Jack Perkins

    I don’t know anyone named Perry.

  • kYle

    I am that average person and I read this blog daily. I know what I like to eat and where to get it. Knowing who the chef is is of little consequence to me.