Don’t Do What You’re About to Do, Bolsa Mercado

Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.
Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.

Over the past few weeks, it’s become apparent: changes were afoot at Bolsa Mercado. The wine section began to thin out, the prepared foods were consolidated into a single cooler, the beer selection was underwhelming.

The baked goods—formerly a bright spot—were being shipped in from Hypnotic Donuts and others, and everything just felt…tired. I stop at Bolsa Mercado a few times a week for a quick dinner or six-pack, and I began to do so with less frequency.

Well, now we know why. According to a few employees, the market will soon forgo its traditional to-go beer and wine for beer and wine service.

I can not stress this enough, Bolsa Mercado: do not do this. There are plenty of places to drink beer and wine in Oak Cliff, plenty within walking distance of your shop. There is a lack of places—read: none—where I can walk in, grab a sixer, grab dinner, and go home.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Maybe this will be great. But this seems like a bizarre change-of-pace for a place that didn’t need one.