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What the What? The Mecca is Closing and Potentially Relocating Again

Gubbshoe Gubbins has the poop on the second closing of this Dallas institution. They will serve their last scrumptious cinnamon roll on Sunday, April 27.

The Mecca was a fixture on Harry Hines for 74 years before it moved into the space that once housed Tipperary Inn and Molly McGuire’s at Skillman and Live Oak in August 2012.

Gubbshoe quotes manager Alicia Ramon:  “The rent is a little too high here. Our rent tripled from the last place to this place.” She goes on to say the location is bad luck and the owners will be looking for another space.

If your rent triples, your sales must do the same. IJS. And there is a lot of competition for breakfast in that neighborhood. Other than the luscious cinnamon rolls, I thought the food was average at bests. Which was above average when they were on Harry Hines.