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Mi Piaci Cucina Italiana in Preston Center is Closed

Brian Black closes Mi Piaci   in Preston Center. (Source: Facebook)

The once popular Dallas restaurant Mi Piaci has certainly been through some rough times. Depending on who you talk to, after over 20 years in business, the Addison location closed or was locked out by the landlord last July.  Owner Brian Black moved the staff and business to the space  he and partners Benjamin Crosland and Chef Eric (Coyote Café, Geronimo) DiStefano leased and renovated for Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails in Preston Center. Ochos  closed in June 2013 after only nine months. Tonight, a customer with reservations for ten showed up at Mi Piaci Cucina Italiano to find a sign on the door noting the restaurant was closed. I’ve reached out to Black for comment.

Update: Sign on the front door: Landlord has changed the locks for failure to pay rent. Landlord has elected to terminate lease and tenant’s lease immediately.

Sad. The downstairs looks like it was set up for a large party last night. Maybe they’ll write a big fat check today and be open for Easter brunch tomorrow.  If you have Easter brunch reservations, I’d make a phone call.