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Hoya Korean Kitchen to Open at Sundance Square in Fort Worth


Sundance Square, that enviable plot of dining land in downtown Fort Worth, is getting its first Korean restaurant, Hoya Korean Kitchen, at the corner of Taylor and Third Street. The space is located at 355 West Third Street.

This is good news, considering the only other Asian food spots in that area are P.F. Chang’s and Piranha Killer Sushi.

Owner Odes Kim is the same guy who owns Little Katana in Highland Park. Instead of Japanese cuisine, this time he’ll be sticking with foods from his homeland: kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, etc.

The same designer who created Zen-havens FT33 and Tei-An, Hatsumi Kuzuu, is also making Hoya Korean Kitchen just as beautiful. It’ll have a large retractable roof system and an outdoor patio.

Expect to see this open in July.

Updated 4:24 p.m.: This post has been amended to include Piranha Killer Sushi. P.F. Chang is not the only Asian restaurant in Sundance right now.)

3 comments on “Hoya Korean Kitchen to Open at Sundance Square in Fort Worth

  1. If they put in some tableside barbecue I will be a HAPPY, HAPPY guy. Fat, but happy.