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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas is Officially Bizarre: Recap of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods America: Dallas Episode

Austin may be weird, but thanks to Bizarre Foods America host Andrew Zimmern Dallas is now officially bizarre. Last night, the show featured a Dallas-Fort Worth edition and Zimmern explored  a lot of funky places. I think Zimmern’s top five favorite moments countdown will surprise you.  What does he pick as the most emblematic bizarre food  experience in our area? See it for yourself.

  • kindallas

    Sorry I missed it-thought that clip was good (and funny).

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  • silentnonrev

    he is outside Russian Banya in Carrollton….and he talks about Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington. How about some respect and a shout-out to the big C?


    That’s cool!

  • twinwillow

    At the beginning of the show, Andrew acknowledged that because so many cities encompass DFW, any references to particular cities in the entire DFW metroplex would simply be addressed as, Dallas.

  • Greg Brown

    This is a perfect tie-in for my “Make Dallas Funky” campaign.

  • Joe

    Been to the Russian Banya and it is hilarious. It is like you walked into Russia. They have a pastry there called a “syrniki” that I think is one of the best dessert items around, even though I think they call it an entree which makes it even better.

  • Jeff Hayden

    What’s so bizarre about tacos and barbecue?

  • Jeff Hayden

    Cattle: check
    Cowboy hat: check
    Yeehaw: check
    Gun shop: check
    Oil well: oops! You missed a chiche’

  • Big ED

    Russian Banya. Perfect Choice! It’s so not typical Dallas. Whenever we get tired of the same cookie cutter bar of the month, high end spas or restaurants, we always try to find something “different”. Tried this a few years ago and it has been on the rotation now. Not an every week place for us by any means, but a fun change of pace place. You really feel like you are in Russia. Don’t take any of your uppity friends. They won’t get it or be able to handle it and would probably ruin the experience for you as well.

  • Jan Parrett Reynolds

    Missed this show, but have set up to tape it. We love Bizarre Foods. Wish I had known when he was in town. Would have been exciting to meet him.

  • Jan Parrett Reynolds

    Have set timer to record this episode of Bizarre Foods. Can’t wait. Wish I had known that Andrew had been in Dallas. My husband and I are big fans.

  • Jan Parrett Reynolds

    Have set recorder to tape this episode of Bizarre Foods. My husband and I are big fans. Wish we had known he was in town doing his show.