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Rehoboth Ranch in Greenville Severely Damaged by Tornado

hutchins_familyI just got off the phone with Elizabeth Hutchins, daughter of Robert and Nancy Hutchins who own and operate Rehoboth Ranch in Greenville. The ranch which features grass-fed beef and lamb raised on pristine pastures without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and poultry fed only with non-GMO grains, was hit by a tornado late yesterday afternoon.

There was extensive roof damage to the family home, but all of the barns, except the dairy barn, are gone. The cows, pigs, and goats are fine, but the laying hens were killed.

The original home is made with cinder block and that is where the whole family and 3 friends hunkered down during the tornado. “There was so much wind and rain we never really heard the train sound you are supposed to hear,” Hutchins says. “We never saw it. It was just getting dark.”

Thankfully the freezers are fine and their good neighbor, Windy Meadows, is storing food for them. “We have to get our stuff to farmers market this weekend. We are working on getting that done right now. Thankfully, our trucks and freight trailers are alright.”

Today the pastures are filled with friends, family, and chainsaws working to clear the damage. I asked if they needed any help and Hutchins said, “Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.” Check their Facebook page for updates.