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Komali (photography by Kevin Hunter Marple)

Food Feedback Friday

What a glorious Friday. Please tell us where you ate this week and where you plan to feast this weekend. Last week, you ate like good little piggies and reported on Mr. Mesero, Local, Cane Rosso, Zanata, Offshore’s Next door in Lake Highlands, and many more.

  • JtB

    I think I had the best chicken fried steak ever at FM Smokehouse in Irving. It’s made with prime rib!

  • Jonathon Nicholson

    Dinner at Boulevardier on Thursday night. They serve one of the best pork chops in town. Started off with some grilled oysters and some raw oysters. Definitely making a mental note to go there more often.

  • Jeff Hayden

    Shady’s Burger Joint in Richardson’s Canyon Creek area was delicious!

  • Greg Brown

    Latin Deli at Northwest Highway & Abrams. Excellent latin sandwiches, tortas, etc. Many of their meats and hams are processed in house, and it shows in bold, fresh flavors. Go there once and they are very friendly. Go there twice and you are a friend for life.

  • rvponders

    Spiral Diner, Cane Rosso & Mom Spice (Hurst) – the last of which is some of the most authentic, not dulled-down-for-Western-palates Indian food in the Metroplex. Weird name, but if you guys ever do a feature on best/most unique cheap eats in the city, can I nominate this place and Taj Chaat House to be in the running?

  • rvponders

    Will have to try this out – I am always looking for good CFS!

  • twinwillow

    The best fried catfish ever at The Slow Bone. Jack only uses fresh, not frozen American farmed catfish. Melt in your mouth good! Fridays only.

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