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Let’s Talk About Bizarre Food Aversions!

Lots of people can't deal with mayonnaise. I can eat tablespoons of it.
Lots of people can’t deal with mayonnaise. I can eat tablespoons of it.

My brother-in-law is weird. He won’t eat anything white, especially mayonnaise, or green, especially guacamole. I mentioned this fact to a woman in our office and she said, “Oh, all I eat is white food.” To me, that is beyond bizarre, it’s borderline psychotic. She eats oatmeal for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and waffles for dinner. That. Is. About. It.

I grabbed my notepad and asked my office mates to share their idiosyncratic eating behaviors. This is what is happening around me:

Carol “I hate things with lots of legs with shells that you have to peel. Gross. Like crawfish. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Zac “I can eat a peach whole but not sliced on a plate. And milk makes me gag. I can not swallow it.”

Tim “I will not eat a ripe banana whole, it has to be cut into little circles. I can eat a green banana whole.”

Liz “I do not like the food on my plate to touch.” (Her whole body shivered when she revealed this fact.)

Cristina “I hate hot sandwiches with deli meat in them.”

Ryan “I can’t eat any meat that I cook. If I see it raw I can’t make myself swallow it.”

Raya “Sprouts.” (She also quivered as she spoke.)

Chris “Beans of any kind.”

Shannon “I only eat yellow food: pasta, scrambled eggs, cheese, chicken nuggets. Also, no bread.”

Wow, I opened up a can of worms, which I love fried in bacon grease over a campfire. What about you? What makes you gag?