Justin Holt's green eggs and ham sandwich.

Chef Sandwich: Justin Holt’s Green Eggs and Ham

Chefs in Dallas are known for their ability to make Disney magic using simple ingredients, but we wanted to know what, exactly, makes them tick. What sandwich could they eat over and over again? We asked them to make a sandwich and give us the recipe for it.

Driftwood’s sous chef, Justin Holt, brings Dr. Seuss’s whimsical creation to life in his rendition of green eggs and ham.

Known for his work with ramen and seafood, Holt surprised us by going in a completely different direction with his sandwich recipe. He presented us with a sandwich that was not only very western, but also reminiscent of childhood story time.

Nixing his staple ingredient—fish—Holt went with few of his other favorite things, instead: bread, eggs, and pork. While the recipe states that any brand of bread will do, Holt let us in on a little secret: If you want the ultimate “sammie” experience, Driftwood’s house bread is the way to go. “I think that Driftwood’s house bread is exceptional, and if I wasn’t dousing it with a big smear of butter, then I would hope it was smothered in soft scrambled eggs.”

As for the eggs, make it a goose soft scrambled egg, he says. “It has a ton of character and the extra yolk adds another culinary punch to the sandwich.”

Plus, it’s his favorite kind of egg.

Prep work. You know.
Prep work. You know.

Green Eggs and Ham (1 sandwich)

Sandwich ingredients:

4 slices of day old bread (any brand will do)
200g goose eggs
70g cream
country ham (cut thin to win!)
herb butter
8 Thai basil leaves
salt, pepper, lemon, and olive oil to taste

Herb butter:

1 bunch parsley (blanched)
100g basil leaves
50g chives
1 lb butter

Herb butter preparation:

Soften the butter however you see fit.  Blanch and shock parsley, add parsley and the balance of herb to the blender and puree smooth.  Add this puree to the butter and season with lemon and salt.  This mix will keep in the fridge for three days.

Sandwich Preparation:

  1. Grill the day old bread.
  2. Prepare the herb butter. Set aside
  3. Crack eggs into blender and puree smooth with cream.
  4. Season eggs with salt pepper and lemon to taste.
  5. Transfer from blender to a pot and cook over low heat stirring all the while with a spatula.
  6. When the eggs thicken to a slightly softer than pudding consistency add a fat tablespoon of the herb butter.
  7.  Taste and adjust seasoning.
  8.  Slice the country ham (We use Bentons Country Ham at the restaurant).
  9. Lay bread slices side by side, layer with herb butter and sliced ham.
  10. And there it is!

Lonny Alfred is a former D Magazine intern with a penchant for hole in the walls, pork buns, and anything Korean.