7 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. I know you all know the best Dallas restaurants, especially Pizza, but I have eaten Pizza in NY, LA, Chicago, Miami, Cleveland and many other places but none better than Italia Express on Continental Ave. just off Riverfront. They have pizza by the slice and a lot of other stuff and it is great. Great! I can’t explain why the crust is so good but it is. What a hidden gem. Apparently, only the people who work in the courts, and close by area know about it. We discovered it by accident and now go all the way down there for pizza – lunch. Please, please check it out…..

  2. Add me to the list of folks who are loving Trinity Groves in general and Chino Chinatown specifically. We went on a busy Saturday night, but had fantastic service. The Mezerac and the Snake Charmer were table favorites on the cocktail menu. We shared several menu items, including the steamed pork buns, elote, shishito & edamame, lobster shooters, camarones al mojo de ginger, and the much-lauded duck fat fried rice. When the patio gets a few degrees warmer, Trinity Groves is going to be a perfect destination for progressive grazing!. We also revisited the Blind Butcher (crispy pig ears!!) and tried out the new Lakewood Growler–a most welcome new addition to the neighborhood!

  3. Dallas is so rocking right now in the restaurant scene. Phil Romano is a genius for putting Trinity Groves together. What an amazing group of restaurants. My favorite is RGB. DJ Quintanilla is really putting out some exceptional food and his wife Linda is an excellent FOH person. The pork shank there is great as is short rib and everything else. Even the chicharrones are excellent!

  4. How did you like the steamed pork buns, the lobster shooters and the camarones? They are on my list to try next time!

  5. Cool, more people wrote this week – I like hearing about new places, and ron has convinced me to put Italia Express on my list. This week:

    1) Pizza Snob (FSP and Cane Rosso get more (well-deserved) press, but this tiny spot across from TCU of all places is turning out great, hits-the-spot individual pizzas with gourmet toppings and a hip, casual atmosphere; wish it was closer, but it’s a great addition to our pizza choices, and I suspect this place is gonna explode in the near future)
    2) Pecan Lodge (incredible barbecue – more often than not, I don’t like brisket, but I bought 2 lbs from there after eating the hot mess (that thing is glorious!) and have been eating the stuff all week)
    3) Salsa Limon (food truck, but I’m counting it – I could eat the pastor tacos for the rest of my life)
    4) Spiral Diner (the brownie is out of this world – maybe eggs and butter have been ruining it this whole time for me?)

    On tap for the weekend, Eddie V’s tonight for dinner and Koryo Kalbi later on…

  6. Nazca, just a great neighborhood South American restaurant on Walnut Hill, one of the best kept secrets. The menu is eclectic, creative, and served delicious. We found a lot of choices to our liking, appetizer, quinoa croquettes, and the butter leaf fish tacos, and the roasted half chicken for entrees. Finishing with a very nice bread pudding. Nice wine selection, and happy hour.

  7. That duck fried rice is for real! One of the best 20 things I’ve eaten in Dallas history.