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Mico Rodriguez to Open Mesero at Inwood Village

Back in the saddle: Mico Rodriguez. (Photography by Kevin Marple)
Back in the saddle: Mico Rodriguez. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

Okay let me start this post all over again. I had a communication breakdown with Mico Rodriguez this morning. He is not opening another Mr. Mesero or Mesero Miguel, he is opening Mesero, a new concept that embraces “American spirit and Mexican life.” It will open in Inwood Village in May. Thanks a lot of Mesero. Sorry for confussion.

Outdated Info: Mico Rodriguez has his life back in order and is rolling out his Mesero Miguel  Mr. Mesero concept. Rodriguez will open a second location of his popular American Standards + Mexican Classics restaurant in Inwood Village. He says he also has three more in the works.

  • Greg Brown

    Hey we saw that on the table there yesterday. Our first trip. Fantastic!

  • twinwillow

    My son and I had dinner at Mr. Mesero on McKinney last Friday night. The place was packed and the food & service were outstanding!

  • rick

    New concept??? Sounds like the same old taco.

  • Glopez214

    I’ve always gone to his restaurants and i will go to the new location tomorrow. The service & food is always the best. My family drives 25miles every week to go to Mesero Miguel.