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At Snuffer's, there's dollar draft all-day, every day. (photos by Lauren Meystedt)

Snuffer’s is Making a Few Changes to the Menu

After Snuffer’s was bought out by Firebird Restaurant Group (which is owned by Mike Karns of El Fenix and Meso Maya), the famous burger and cheese fries restaurant has made a few changes. We were invited to a special “Burgers, Bloggers, and Beer” event at Snuffer’s, where we scarfed some food down and learned about the chain’s big news.

First of all, the Snuffer’s Greenville Avenue location is set to open on March 10. Snuffer’s has been a Dallas institution for over 30 years, and this will be the seventh incarnation of this family-friendly sports bar.

There have also been some modifications to the menu. The chain has finally made the switch from Pepsi to Coca-Cola products, probably to the chagrin of the five or so people who actually drink Pepsi, but to the joy of anyone with taste buds. If you prefer a buzzier beverage, you may also be in luck, since Bud Light drafts are now a dollar all-day, every day.

They’ve also made some much-requested additions. Now there’s house-made guacamole, which can be ordered as a side with chips or added to any menu item, and sweet potato fries, which can be smothered in cheese, chives, jalapeños, and bacon. If you want a really indulgent treat, get them in Snuffer’s newest dessert—it’s so good I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Kristen Taylor is a D Magazine intern.