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Top Pot Doughnuts to Open in Dallas

Glazed old-fashioned doughnuts from Top Pot.
Glazed old-fashioned doughnuts from Top Pot.

Perhaps one day a coffeeshop called Top Pot will open in Dallas and be more like Coffeeshop Johnny than Starbuck’s. Until then, we welcome Top Pot Doughnuts, a shop serving “hand-forged doughnuts, fresh roasted coffee, and locally made sandwiches and pastries.” The “doughnut lounge” concept comes to Dallas from Seattle where they operate 15 locations in the area. The 1,300-square-foot shop will open this spring at the corner of Hillcrest and Northwest Highway.

9 comments on “Top Pot Doughnuts to Open in Dallas

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  2. People in Dallas will enjoy their doughnuts and coffee. I have one in my neighborhood, but I only let myself go there on a rare occasion for more than just a cup of coffee. Beware – their old-fashioneds are huge.

  3. Think It’ll fail here. From Seattle it’s ok there but here it’s just too hot . When it’s chilly they are more appetizing.

  4. Please don’t jinx this place with talk of failure. I’ll be first in line- I love Top Pot maple bars!!!!!!! This is a welcome addition to the one-note donut scene in Dallas.

  5. I agree mrr! I just moved from Seattle in August & have sorely missed the Seattle donut scene! Next Frost needs to open their donut store here & we’ll be golden :)

  6. Your Top Pot link is broken.
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.

  7. YES! A few days ago I was actually IN Seattle at a Top Pot (I love all things Seattle) when I was told they were coming to Dallas. The fact that it’ll be close to my neighborhood (Preston Hollow) makes me feel like I just scored a touchdown. I will definitely be a coffee drinking, donut eating, lap-top working regular here. :)