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On the Hunt for Greek Food in Dallas

I need help. In more ways than one. But let’s start with this: I’ve been in Texas for five months, and I’ve yet to eat one piece of Greek food that hasn’t been cooked in my own kitchen or delivered to me on a metallic plate. I haven’t purchased good feta or kalamata olives. I haven’t sought out grape leaves or kefalotiri or melomakorana. I haven’t even had a bowl of avgolemeno. It’s shameful.

But then came that metallic plate of loukoumades, baked up by Rana Abla of Sableh Sweet & Savory. Loukoumades are fried pieces of dough, drizzled with honey, and best served warm. They’re Greek donuts of sorts. Somehow, word of my Greek heritage and love for Greek sweets (and all sweets), spread to Abla, and there she was, standing in D Magazine World Headquarters, bearing gifts. Abla’s version was slightly smaller than those you might get at a Greek festival and a bit denser, though certainly not doughy. They maintained that wonderful airy quality. In short, they were delicious.

The staff agreed. By the next day, the plate was clear, and I realized that I need to get my act together. It’s time to get to know Dallas’ Greek community. So, two questions: Where are the best Greek restaurants? And where are the Greek grocery stores?