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Another Episode of Posh Nosh

Whenever I get grumpy, I watch a rerun of Posh Nosh. It’s a 2003 BBC parody of a TV cooking show. The program stars Arabella Weir and Richard E. Grant as chefs Simon and Minty Marchmont. They run the make-believe restaurant The Quill and Tassel. Search for the other episodes—I think there are only 8–online or occasionally on KERA.  I think we could use a little lesson on Architects Fish and Chips. Listen closely.

  • Lesli Overton Tuck

    Love this show! “If you haven’t got an AGA…” ~Mournful expression
    I’ve already called dibs on my mom’s AGA.

  • DaftDame

    Oh what a delight this is. I just watched it three times. Terribly funny.