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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Fried Chicken in Dallas

fried-chicken-stampede-66-7539This old gal was around when Youngblood’s ruled Dallas’ world of fried chicken. She also worshiped the original Henderson’s that served a chicken breast and fries piled on two pieces of white bread and topped with a whole jalapeno.

I know about Sissy’s and other fancy indoor restaurants that serve fried chicken. Yesterday my kids and I wanted to do a picnic and I realized I hadn’t picked up chicken from a take-out place in years. My neighbor recommended Popeye’s. That didn’t work for me. Could you maybe ask your readers to help this old gal. Not like I need the calories but now I’m curious.

If you want to find restaurants that serve great fried chicken, here are our picks.

24 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Fried Chicken in Dallas

  1. I’d choose Bubba’s on Hillcrest in Snider Plaza. Perfect chicken and they even have a drive-thru.

  2. Chicken House on Gaston is my choice. The chicken is better when it’s hot, but good also when it has co oled. Good mash potatoes too.

  3. I had Bubba’s on Sunday and it’s always awesome. Living in Lakewood, Chicken House is faster to get to when I need a fix.

  4. Gotta go Babe’s Chicken Dinner house. I favor the Garland location, because that’s the one I frequent, but I’m sure they’re all just as good.

  5. Henderson’s still exists. It’s owned and operated by Linda Henderson. There are at least 2 locations. Their chicken is so good it actually helped police capture a murder suspect. He left a bag of chicken at the murder scene on a DART bus and the detective recognized it “due to its distinctive coating” and found him on Henderson’s surveillance camera. No joke.

  6. Bubba’s/Babe’s is easily the best in the city for traditional fried chicken.

    Bonchon is LEGIT.

  7. Just had Rudy’s last week :D Big Mommas Chicken & Waffles (former SPAINS) – Forrest Lane @ Audelia use to have same seasoning as Rudy’s (also Spain family) but they closed :( Rudy’s is building a brand new building next door to current location.
    I also love Chicken House (former Brother’s Chicken) on Gaston :)

  8. FYI – Babe’s and Bubba’s is same chicken (same owners)
    My favs – RUDY’s South dallas ( similar to former Big Mommas – Forrest Lane and similar to former Spain’s)
    2nd – Chicken House ( former Brother’s Chicken)
    3rd – Pollo Campero
    4th – Bubbas / Babes
    Now for Mexican Roasted / Smoked – POLLO REGIO !!!

  9. The sleeper in fried chicken is oddly The Standard Pour. They hide it behind the fact that they do so much else right. I am ashamed by the fact that I sometimes get the chicken strips because white people are watching.

    Pro tip: I know it will be torture, but trust me, let it cool a bit. It comes out hotter than a $2 pistol.

  10. The Walmart Neighborhood Market at Central and Hall has awesome fried chicken…it has to do with the two black ladies that cook it…so you have to go when they are on the job. But if you don’t want to get out of your p.j.s, Bubba’s…