U.S. Supreme Court Throws Out Case Against Monsanto

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Yesterday, about 80 American and Canadian plaintiffs lost a fight against Monsanto. According to Bloomberg, these organic farmers and seed sellers wanted “to take pre-emptive action to ensure they wouldn’t be sued in the event their corn, soybeans and other crops were contaminated by Monsanto seeds.” Even though Monsanto has made promises NOT to sue farmers, its history speaks otherwise. It’s “filed more than 140 lawsuits against farmers for planting the company’s seeds without paying royalties and settled 700 other cases without suing.”

Essentially, the group filing the lawsuit wanted to seek protection from the court in case of accidental contact with Monsanto’s products, but the the Supreme Court still ruled in favor of Monsanto. It pointed to Monsanto’s promises not to sue.

6 comments on “U.S. Supreme Court Throws Out Case Against Monsanto

  1. To clarify: The Supreme Court did not “point out Monsanto’s promises not to sue.” The Supreme Court didn’t point out anything (it rejected the case). It was the Appellate Court that spoke to that. Also, I think it’s misleading to state that Monsanto’s history indicates a contradiction to its promises not to sue. To be clear, Monsanto has filed >140 suits, etc., but those were NOT for inadvertent contamination (according to the lower court anyway).

  2. Monsanto has never sued a farmer for accidental contamination. and has agreed to never do so. Read the docket on the case

  3. Its not just big business winning — if you file a stupid lawsuit you desseve to lose. The lawyers have screwed these guys again. The organic big business is behind these campaign. Two millionair organic guys and Mercola a crazy snake oil salesman who sells useless supplements and who has been cited by the FDA

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